4 Benefits of Double Cleansing for Facial Skin

To clean your facial skin more optimally, you can apply the double cleansing technique. The double cleansing method is to first use micellar water or cleansing oil to clean the dirt and dust that has accumulated on the face overnight. After that, wash your face with a face wash. With a clean face, the next facial skin care products will be easier to stick and absorb into the skin. So what are the benefits of double cleansing for facial skin? Check out the full explanation below.

The term double cleansing is known as a method of cleaning the face twice. This facial cleansing method was first popularized by women in Japan and South Korea. If you usually clean your face using a facial wash and water, there are steps to clean your face before.

First, start the daily routine skincare sequence, for dry skin, you must use a cleanser with oil-based ingredients. This first facial cleansing is used to remove the remaining make-up on the face. Meanwhile, for those with oily skin, use micellar water to remove makeup residue. After that, just enter the second step by cleaning the face using facial soap. This double cleansing method is considered to provide more benefits for the health and beauty of facial skin than using the usual method. The following are some of the benefits of double cleansing for the beauty and health of facial skin:

Removes Make-up Residual Completely

Cleansing the face in the first step using a facial cleanser product, such as cleansing balm, cleansing oil, or oil liquid cleanser that contains oil that effectively dissolves make-up. While ordinary water-based facial soap does not contain active substances that are able to remove dirt and makeup residue thoroughly. So, the first step of double cleansing is to clean the rest of the makeup using an oil-based cleanser, which can help the face wash to clean the face deeply.

Skin Becomes More Moisturized and Soft

The next benefit of double cleansing is, you will have facial skin that is much more moist and soft. The oil content in facial cleansing products can provide extra moisture to the skin. For the second step, make sure you choose a facial wash with mild ingredients and don’t make the skin too dry. This is done to prevent the skin from losing its natural oils.

Skincare Products are Easier to Seep into the Skin

The skin that has been cleaned of make-up and dust in the first step of double cleansing, will make the process of cleaning the face in the second step with facial wash much easier. Skin is like a canvas. To start a work on it, in this case skincare, you need a clean canvas. The perceived benefit of the double cleansing technique is that the skin is completely clean and removes dirt that has accumulated in the pores. So that the skincare products that will be used afterwards are more easily absorbed and work effectively on the skin.

Prevents Skin Problems

Residual makeup and dust that is not removed properly can cause skin problems. One of them is the blockage of pores which triggers the appearance of stubborn pimples and blackheads. In addition, dust and dirt that accumulates on the face can accelerate the premature aging process. It can also damage the collagen in the skin. Without normal collagen, the skin will dry faster and fine lines appear. When cleaning your face, of course you will do a light massage. This is done to improve blood circulation and make the face avoid skin problems and the skin will feel relaxed.