Hair Products for Hair Loss, Breakage, Dryness and more! —

There’s been some hair loss going around and many people are experiencing it after you-know-what. So, I’ve been on the hunt to find products that will help me regain what I’ve lost and keep what I have. There’s coupon codes in here, so I hope that’ll help you!

MAYA CHIA has gotten into the hair game and they’re killing it. I had some recent hair loss issues from you-know-what and was pretty panicked. Susanne, the founder, recommended their new The Mane Agent to strengthen hair and Power Fol to promote growth, scalp health, the works. I love them. The Mane Agent leaves my hair feeling stronger, shinier and gets rid of frizz. Power Fol will take some time to see growth. Take 10% off with code: KATIE10. Shop here.

MANE MAGIC from Organic Olivia features powerful herbs that helps support healthy blood flow to encourage strong, healthy hair. Olivia often works from the practice of Chinese Medicine. This tincture will help “feed” the skin, hair and nails. Mane Magic utilizes traditional “blood building” herbs that support hair, hormone, and adrenal health.  Use code: GPJ for a special (and rare) discount on Organic Olivia! Shop here.

AGENT NATEUR’S HAIR So, Agent has two products for hair at the moment. One is for support hair growth – Holi (Locks) Strengthening Hair Serum which you must be consistent with and I recommend using overnight AND their Hair (Silk) Peptides Hair Soft Hydrating Treatment which I think anyone and everyone with dry, color-treated or just coarse hair needs to own. I absolutely love it. You need just a drop, too. New to Integrity Botanicals? Use code: KATIE4IB FOR 15% off. Shop here.

Save your locks…and your face!

SLEEP & GLOW’S PILLOW & SILK PILLOWCASE Okay, so this is a two-parter! The S & G pillow is designed to keep your head supported in a way that does not create wrinkles while you sleep. So many people tell me how they’re trying to sleep on their back so they don’t smush their face and create wrinkles….well, this pillow is designed for just that. The silk pillowcase comes separately and protects hair from tangling, breakage and hair loss! Highly recommend looking into one of these…soo good! Take $10 off with code: green10. Shop here.

RAHUA’S FOUNDER’S BLEND SCALP & HAIR TREATMENT is a repurchase for me. Not only does this cream feel so minty and refreshing on the scalp, but it makes my hair less frizzy and more conditioned at the roots when I wash it. I like to leave it on my scalp and hair overnight. It smells fantastic, too. New to Integrity Botanicals? Take 15% off with code: KATIE4IB (that’s an “i”). Shop here.

CAPTAIN BLANKENSHIP HAIR & SCALP SERUM I use this overnight. You can use it to tame frizzies, but I like to massage it into my scalp, put a towel on my pillow and wash it out in the AM. Or, you can just leave it on for as long as you can before washing out. It nourishes the hair and keeps it soft. Take 20% off with code: GPJ here.

INNERSENSE HYDRATING HAIR MASK is my conditioner now. I don’t even use it as a special mask. I find that my hair gets pretty dry since I started color-treating it, so here we are! I like to leave it in for a few minutes while I shave my legs and scrub up! New to Integrity Botanicals? Use code: KATIE4IB FOR 15% off. Shop here.

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